about me

So I want to clear up the mystery who is Serendia in real life.

Hi! My name is Sabrina (quite similar to Serendia isn’t it?), I’m 34 and female . My health is currently keeping me away from work so I’m pensioned for the next years. 😦 Anyway, I’m having fun playing WoW/Hearthstone and Wildstar. I love music, artistic activities, long nights & sleeping in, riddles, photography, cats , friends & family 🙂

Since 2006 I play WoW and 2 or 3 years ago I created a website to help other players getting their signature done for forums/guild sites. The old website will be offline end of this year. As I’m not doing them anymore I set up this blog for me and other people who want to watch my Wow-characters grow as a kind of diary.

I’m planning to stream end of this year. I just need some update on my computer.

I’m happy whenever someone leaves a nice comment or is following me on twitter/facebook/google or even you tube. Thank you for visiting my website.


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