I’m still here

It’s been a month since I have updated this blog. Lots of exciting things where and are still going on right now:

  1. I am involved in making a World of Warcraft-themed app. More information on this soon – round about release of Legion.
  2. Started drawing portraits and taking commissions
  3. Finally testing Legion Beta!
  4. Made my first Twitch-overlay.
  5. Updates on my website serecrafts.com and new commission form
  6. Started another alliance-mage alt so I can help a friend out on raids.

It does not only sound busy, I am. So this is the reason for not writing anything for the past weeks.

  1. I don’t want to say any names yet. But there are guys from a german website who have seen my art-stuff and liked it that much I got offered to help them create a World of Warcraft-themed app. So I have made buttons, a background and all that stuff. I’m so happy about being involved in that.
  2. As I am drawing badge avatars and then came up with the idea to merge the ingame character with a picture of the actual gamer the idea of drawing portrait came to my mind. That is another thing I want to offer for you to commission me. This category has been added to my website’s menu.
  3. I’m finally able to play Legion Beta now. I saw it in my Battle.net-launcher and didn’t get an e-mail like I got last time. I’ve copied my mage over and made all 3 artifact-questlines. Currently thinking about staying frost or stay with frost. I don’t want to level all the way to 110 as I don’t want to spoil myself too much. So far I really like it all. Just one thing: I hate those 3 spheres (or whatever these fire-y things are) when playing fire. I hope they will be changing that to something else – visible like shards on warlocks or holy power on paladin.
  4. Somehow I stumbled across a german guy whose stream I enjoyed. He was looking to get a stream overlay and I made him one. If he’s online you can see it here. You can also commission me to get your own 😉
  5. I’ve made a new commission form, or a commission form at all. I only had one for badge avatars. Now there’s various things you can commission me for: headers, desktop wallpapers, portraits and Twitch-overlays.
  6. So after making the stream overlay I got told their raid group still have a slot open for a mage. As I will not be changing main I am still glad I can help them out. So apart from drawing I am currently busy leveling and then equipping my new mage on Antonidas EU. This will be my 18th character on 100. (3 on 80, 1 on 82, 2 on 86, 1 on 90 and 1 on 91)

Legion is just around the corner now. We had the pre-patch with the talent changes and finally our wardrobe feature! One thing I personally have been waiting for since Pandaria. There’s tons of videos and guides out already. Is there is anything you want to know about beta?


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