handmade mobile phone pouches

After the internet problem is solved I can finally make an update to my WordPress-page. I’m back readers!

I wasn’t lazy the past days and I’ve been crocheting daily when I wasn’t drawing. As I still don’t have access to beta and I can’t wait to play Legion I was working on making mobile phone pouches.



Here is my shop!

I am currently taking orders for pouches made of glitter yarn in different colors: gold, emerald, turquise, pink, red and purple. They are handmade and they are one of a kind, especially made for your phone. If you’re interested in that or other colors check my store.

imagesI’m celebrating my first two Patreons ! I’m really excited about that. So expect more art from me next month.


bea9joqexmzexufbfpvpm0qlwxmymt9wri1w6i5rjscqmasmkqyj2lj3d2r0fgkn_largeMy Commissions on badges for Blizzcon and other events are still open. As an extra you will be getting two of my Sylvanas chibi-stickers. They are all shiny and so lovely.


Still ongoing are the desktop wallpapers and Twitter/Facebook banners I’m making to fundraise for  St. Jude Research Hospital. Here are a few examples of my banners:










So if you’re looking for one than why not do something good and donate just $10 for a banner and $20 for a wallpaper: order form



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