interviewed by The Worgen’s Howl

Hello readers,

I’m super excited about this and I was super nervous when I knew I was going be interviewed by the TheWorgen’sHowl. I’m not comfortable talking to people on the internet and I’m even less comfortable talking in another language than german. So this was a real challenge – but I’ve made it. Frostee & Kaz are super nice people, they were and are supporting me for a while now which I’m really grateful for.

In the interview I was talking about how I got into WoW and how I got into making art and mobile phone pouches, my latest project. You can have a listen to The Worgen’s Howl episode #92 and see my latest posts about my projects here:

The part of the interview parts starts at 52:50. If you want to get to know me a bit this is your chance 😉 Listen to other episodes for other artists on the WoW/Twitter-community.

(Header picture source: The Worgen’s Howl-website)


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