I’m artist on Badgebabe!

I’m so excited about this! I’ve only started drawing recently, I’ve practised a lot. (The reason not updating my blog regularly anymore at the moment) . I have been busy drawing frames for my badges and was able to do an art trade with a fellow digital artist from Spain.

So what is Badgebabes ?

“It’s a community of artists who create custom badges, lanyards or embroidery. These artist have banded together and created the badgebabe-website to make it easier for you to discover artists and commission their work.”

So I am finally on the list of artists and I am open for commissions. You can choose to have them send to you digital only (email) or send to you laminated.

Why do I want a badge?

First of all Badges are small portraits with art of your ingame character or online persona. You can wear these to conventions like Blizzcon or guild meetings as your real life avatar, so your friends (who might not know what you look like irl) can recognize you!”

I might be interested. How do I order one?

I’ve only started drawing myself but it may appeal. You can find me on this list. I’m working on new frames. This is my order form with examples of my badges. Commission slots are open.


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