warcraft: Who is interested in Legion?

Since yesterday I am working on part four of my eight article-series: why Legion will be fun. Now the fourth part does take a lot longer than expected and I’m also questioning myself if there are people interested in reading it. A big part of the fourth article involves the class changes in Legion.

Please comment on this or one of the first 3 parts of the series and tell me if you’d be interested in reading about it. You can also find me on Twitter (@Serendia Frost) or Facebook for any comments or suggestions. Thank you!

The first 3 parts of the series:

part 1

part 2

part 3


4 thoughts on “warcraft: Who is interested in Legion?

  1. im not very interested. blizzard totally changed the way they make the game after cataclycm, even to the point where they simply throw in timeless isle and actually tell people they didnt plan to have it but only put it in to see what happened. i mean who does dumb things like that with no foresight on a multimillion dollar project? in mop they took out the dailies hub to not have so much grind, but what did they do? add timeless with even more. *eyeroll…
    then theres warlords. ugh. i waited 6mos before i bought it to get some feedback because pvp is my endgame and i heard they really changed it. when i hit 100, after i breezed through to tanaaris w 7 toons in abt 1mo n tried pvp, i realized and finally accepted yes, i really wasted my money on that garbage xpac.

    i personally would be completely content having just the old world back. im to the point i dont want to make any more toons because i now have leveled 9 to 100, havent played since aug ’15, and i simply do not want to go through mop and wod again.

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    • Thank you very much on commenting. I really appreciate it a lot. I understand your point of view. I have levelled 16 toons to max level now. Sure, it’s a hobby but in my opinion a hobby is about fun. If it’s nothing in the game you enjoy or not enough then what’s the point of wasting time on it?! Sometimes it’s just time to carry on with something new and leave the old times behind. Staying memories.

      I don’t really want to count together how much time, effort and money I’ve already put into WoW since 2006. There’s times I just don’t do much in WoW and there’s times I’m online for 7 hours+/day – it just depends on my mood, time and content.

      What would you be interested in reading? If not Legion maybe another WoW-addon? A story? Or nothing Warcraft involved at all?


      • i used to write short fiction abt my tauren tribe (7 tauren, 2 goblins heh), but stopped just before siege of orgrimmar. switched to guild wars 2 and have invested plenty of time & effort into a fiction blog there. if you can get past the name Grimcrotch.com (used to be what i considered a silly name for my charr main), youre welcome to check it out.

        im usually interested in new game info or interesting updates to WoW. i played it since ’08; i grew pretty attached to my at the time growing tauren family, and was very let down to see the stark difference after cata. but despite that i still think of my toons, and miss my hunter main spirit bear Arcturis sometimes.
        so updates & new game info i guess; maybe something you post will convince me there are things i’m missing out on. 🙂

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      • I will definately check your blog. Thank for visiting mine. 🙂
        Maybe I can get you or other people excited for Legion or another future feature on here. The “8 Reasons why Legion will be fun”- article series where I’m highlighting the – in my opinion – most exciting changes is a project I am currently working on. I hope to put the most important information together onto one site that is distributed everywhere.


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