warcraft: Why Legion will be fun: part 3

Are we all excited about Legion? Well  I am. In an 8-article series about “8 reasons why Legion will be fun” I might get you a little more excited about the addon. We’ve looked at the awesomeness of colors in Legion yesterday and the free legendaries everyone can get. Here is the third reason why Legion will be great!

3. Awesome wardrobe & Transmogging 2.0

I have been waiting a looong time for this: Space in my bags! Void storage= full; bank= full; bags= full. What now? Now the biggest invention in freeing your space is coming with Legion. Time to get things out of your inventory you only carry around for their appearance: The Wardrobe!

In Legion, you will automatically unlock appearances for all rewards from quests you have previously completed including those you’ve deleted! That’s so awesome. Also Tabards will be added to your wardrobe! Yes!

WarcaraftDevs on this: January 12  “Tabards are included in the #Legion Transmog improvements, so you have a lot of free closet space in your future.”

You may not just hide your headpiece and cloak! In Legion it will be enabled to hide your shoulders. This is an option I will be thinking about for my mage. There are only a few nice shoulders for cloth-wearers I think. Finding a fitting one (style- and colorwise) to the rest of the gear sometimes is a challenge. So the option does come handy.

The wardrobe UI

The new Wardrobe tab in Legion will let you search the item by name. You may want to make use of various filters. If you want to build different sets and save them you can do so and also link them to other players. We will be getting three new transmog slots: tabards, weapon enchants and shirts.

You’ve probably deleted or sold gear in the past. Don’t worry! You’ll get their appearances unlocked anyway. If there are quest items you didn’t choose you’ll get those appearances too.

How many transmog items do you have?

Wondering how much transmog gear you have already collected through quests? Not only does a site show you how many you already have but also from which quests you got it from. It’s also saying how many you are missing and from which quest it is a reward. That is for every slot of equip. On my mage I have collected over 1000 hats and 249 are missing. Try Your Quest Wardrobe and find out about your character.

WoW-head said about it (January 7): “As the Legion Alpha is very new, this tool does not cover gear from removed quests and non-quest appearances. Account-wide behavior for quest rewards on the Alpha is also not yet finalized. We look forward to growing this tool and other transmog resources on Wowhead over the upcoming months!”

How do I collect new gear to unlock it’s appearance?

Transmogging 2.0

For example: You want a staff for your warlock-transmog. So you go to the heroic dungeon and it didn’t drop. This might be sad or frustrating then you could go there with any other class (or another warlock from your account) who could be wearing a staff. Which means you could be going on your priest, druid, mage… anyone who can carry a staff and try to get it this time.


Twitter messages

The WarcraftDevs on Twitter said:

  1. January 25:”In Legion you will be able to purchase a token that will unlock all Challenge Mode weapon apperances account-wide.”
  2. March 7: “Tier 3 pieces obtained via the BMAH will have their appearances unlocked account-wide within current (1/2)”
  3. March 7: “transmogrification restrictions. The Frostfire Regalia set can be transmogged on a Warlock, for example. (2/2)

That means that these classes share their transmog-restrictions on equip (not necceserily weapons):

  • Warrior, Paladin and Deathknight (Plate)
  • Hunter and Shaman (Mail)
  • Druid, Demon hunter/ Rogue and Monk (Leather)
  • Priest, Warlock and Mage (Cloth)

You can only transmog items intended for your armor type, or cosmetic armor.

Hey, you could then transmog your demon hunter with rogue t-set appearance.

New bags

Additionally we can choose to carry bigger bags with us in Legion – as in every addon. If you are thinking you still need to carry around a lot you might want a Hexweave bag which has 30 slots, an Undying Bag has 32 slots and  Madmans Luggage has 34 slots! You can only carry Madmans Luggage once. If you summ it up you will have 146 slots in your inventory: standard bag=16, 3x Undying bags=96 and Madmans Luggage=34 is 146. Congrats! Have a great time questing 🙂 You don’t need to sell every 5 minutes.

I would like to hear what you are most excited about? Do you have any ideas of what you want to transmog on which class?

sources: vanion.eu, mmo-champion, youtube, twitter

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