warcraft: 8 reasons why Legion will be fun: part 2

Some of us, maybe even you, are getting really excited about the coming Warcraft-addon: Legion. Some people are lucky getting into alpha. There are plenty of pictures, guides and videos around.

This is part 2 of an 8-article series. Yesterday we’ve been talking about the new legendaries. The second reason for Legion to be fun is: It’s awesome colors!

A number of new spell effects and models are already added and that is one of the reasons why Legion will be even more fun. I can’t picture myself playing a black& white game. I want to see colors. Colors make everything more lively and awesome. So the first we’re going to look at are

Class spell effects

Fire mage’s Combustion will have an orange-burning effect on the caster. The spell is sometimes even leaveing corpses of the enemies on fire. This is going to be one of the artifact effects which will be making WoW more colorful. Fury warrior‘s Rampage will also be  visible in orange.

  • Demon hunter’s Metamorphosis is looking green.
  • Frost deathknight’s Sindragosa’s Breath is looking Sha-likeish white.
  • Outlaw rogue’s AmbushSaber Slash and Killing Spree is getting some yellow to our screens.
  • Windwalker monks will stay loyal to their color scheme with turquoise when casting Serenity, Crackling Jade Lightning and Rushing Jade Wind. The spell Storm, Earth & Fire is visible as blue, green and red.
  • Marksmanship hunter’s Black Arrow is showing as a purple glow on their targets.

Artifact weapons

Most artifact weapons become fully saturated. Their color is depending on class and weapon model. If you don’t like the one you will be getting you may want to transmog it.

Feral and guardian druids

An color-intense and attention-grabbing form will be played by feral and guardian druids:

If you want to play a colorful feral or guardian druid then you should be aiming to get these artifact color forms: purple, green, blue, orange – all in different combinations. If you don’t like colors you might want to play a grey, brown or black feral/guardian druid.

Broken Isles

Some areas on the broken isles are just stunning, not that color-intense but there’s times where you just want to rest your eyes ;).

Try to picture yourself in a raid, on a pvp battleground/arena or fighting a world boss. Have a look around and look at the awesomeness of colors you will see. Just imagine everyone with their artifact weapon, feral and guardian druids in their colorful forms.

Are you looking forward to legion? What are you worrying about?

Come back tomorrow to read the thrid part of this 8 day-series “Legion: 8 reasons why it will be fun”.

sources: wow-head, mmo-champion, youtube

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