warcraft: 8 reasons why Legion will be fun – part 1

It’s come to the point now where some of us, maybe even yourself, are getting really excited about the coming Warcraft-addon: Legion. More and more information is coming to the surface now as some people are lucky enough getting into alpha. There are plenty of pictures, guides and videos around. I have found 8 reasons why Legion is going to be fun. This is part one of a eight-article series.

1. Free legendaries for anyone

The developers seem to have remembered the random drops from classic. Some of them were items with unique effects. That’s what they would want to bring back to the game. These days content is quickly played through and random drops would lose their importance unless they are very strong. Therefore you will be getting legendary items which, similar to the artifact weapons, accompany you the whole expansion.

Did you know there are 156 legendaries in the database?


legendary item for mages and warlocks

There is a long list of legendaries items you can find on wowdb.com. On level 110 these have itemlevel 870.

So I was going through the list today to anaylse these items. I wanted to know which class will be getting the most. If you want to know too then read on.

I’ve counted 34 cloth-, 39 leather-,  21 mail and 26 plate items. 37 items are cloaks, rings or necklaces.

Most of the legendaries are for druids: 17 items! I do think it’s understandable they have the most because they have 4 specs. It’s the same on all class-legendaries: Most of them are only viable for one or two specs.

As I am playing a mage as my main I had a closer look at the different mage legendaries. So among the 10 legendaries for mages I’ve found 3 for frost, 3 for fire and 2 for arcane only.

Then there are items which can be used by all healers or all classes who can wear leather and you want to equip with either agility or strength. The list goes on and on – I’ve counted them as “unspecified“.

I’ve made this simple chart to make it clear:


How many legendaries will be available for each class ?

Alright. How am I getting mine?

Kalgan, Blizzard employee, said:

>They can come from anywhere, with more difficult content having a higher likelihood of dropping them (for equivalent time spent).<
So as you’re progressing through the zones, the more difficult the mobs become – even in dungeons or raids – they have a chance to drop. Again you need to be some kind of lucky.
Legendaries will scale and you probably do not want to replace them.

The possible downside on this

 The legendary-topic leads to controversial opinions. Some of the players are really concerned as it will might take away the “awesomeness” of these items. Back in classic legendaries were something great – not only that: they were more epic than an epic purple item, they were as rare as winning the lottery. They were only ever equipped on the players of the best guilds and raids.

In Legion we will see them more often. Back in Pandaria it all began with a legendary cloak, in Draenor everyone is running around with a legendary ring – and with Legion these items can simply drop? To me it sounds a bit like Diablo.

It’s also about worrying about the power of a legendary and being forced into playing a particular role. When you’ve got one item for another spec then it’s clear for some progress-players you should be changing your specializations to get the most out of it. Another reason for worrying is that noone wants to be forced spending every minute of leisure time farming mobs or dungeons and wait for a specific legendary to finally drop.

But you won’t be seeing anyone walking around with say 5 legendary items either- at least not at the start of Legion. As Kalgan, Blizzard employee, said on the forum:

>At the start of the expansion, only one legendary at a time can be equipped so that while extraordinarily lucky people will have more choices about which to use when, they won’t be significantly more powerful than somebody that isn’t quite as lucky. As the expansion progresses, the number of legendaries that can be equipped at once will go up, although still limited to a relatively small number of slots.<

It’s been said that for the start of Legion they won’t have any effect on progressing in mythic content.

Watcher, game designer said:
>In addition to the overall unique-equipped limit, our current thinking is that there will be a suppression aura in effect on Mythic raids for the first X weeks after a given raid zone opens, disabling legendary items’ special effects (they will still function normally as high-ilvl regular items). This will serve to limit any perceived unfairness in the progression “race,” while also serving as a self-nerfing mechanism that can
kick in once that race is done.<
sources: mein-mmo & official WoW-forums

My opinion

I am in a fun/family-softcore guild I’d say but I have some experience with semi-core raiding so I won’t be forced to play one specific spec and play whatever I want. So – at least for me – legendaries will probably be one fun part of Legion I am looking forward to.

Let me know

I’m going to get some coffee now and you tell me about your opinions on the idea of legendaries in Legion. Do you think you will be foreced in playing a spec you don’t want to? Do care about legendaries at all?

Come back tomorrow to read about Legion: Why it’s going to be fun – reason no. 2

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