Assault on Violet Hold

in Dalaran


Millificent Manastorm

The level 100 to 110- dungeon has 8 bosses but you will only encounter 3 per run. Violet Hold is a prison and it is coincidence which bosses will come out to fight. The possible bosses are:

  1. Mindflayer Kaahrj
  2. Millifiecent Manastorm
  3. Festerface
  4. Shivermaw
  5. Anub’esset
  6. Sael’orn
  7. Blood-Princess Thal’ena (daughter of Lana’thel in ICC)
  8. Fel Lord Betrug

The 68 rare items of loot in this dungeon require level 100 and have an itemlevel of 820 on level 110.

For more information see wow-head.

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