#warcraft: achievements, shaman level 100 & drawing

I’ve got my pandaren shaman to 100 and I’ve made Pandaria achievements yesterday night with the deathknight of my boyfriend. Apart from WoW I have been drawing and designing a lot made a few changes to my commission site.

Achievements! Here we come…


This is a full list of the achievements I did on my mage with my boyfriend’s dk last night. I was looking up a few achievements on wowhead because I was hardly remembering how to get them. The first ones were those in Pandaria dungeons I haven’t had on my mage. There are four achievements still missing for the mount.

After our run through old dungeons we decided to make some Scenario-achievements. I haven’t made many of them during Pandaria so I had a few missing.

We are planning to get all the ones we couldn’t do as soon as possible.

I’m at 20935 achievement points now. That is 84% of all achievements- and I want more. 🙂 I am aiming to get all of the quest-achievements in Pandaria & Draenor.

Inside of Mogu’shan Palace I have noticed how nice everything is designed. I have made some nice screenshots. I guess the majority of players focus on other stuff when in a dungeon and no that much on the design of the dungeon itself. I do but there’s just no time for it usually. So yesterday was quite interesting.

The same happened to me in Scarlet halls. I like the shading, lighting and colors. I have made a few screenshots I want to add in my gallery sometime.


Oh another one at level 100!

pandaAnother twink got to level 100! This time my pandaren shaman. I levelled her as an enhancer, when she was reaching level 100 I specced her elemental. Itemlevel 662 and one green item left.

I do have fun in both specs. I have a goblin shaman (level 90) who is specced restoration and I might level her one time as things are constantly chaning in WoW and I would like to try heal again.

Busy as ever

Apart from the ingame stuff I am progressing on a Tyrande drawing which I will be posting once it’s completed. I have been doing a logo for my guild and posted a list with prices on DeviantArt. I’ve lowered the prices for my commissions and I am offering a discount on prices during March aswell.

I have been finally posting my “Making of Frostmourne.


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