#warcraft: protection paladin- now level 100

My third paladin made it!

My first paladin was holy, my second retribution and now my third is a tank. I think dual spec is quite cool but I only ever get to collect one type of gear. Even with the changes Blizzard made with strength becoming int and stuff secondary stats sometimes aren’t the best.

Getting gear

After levelling to 100 she got a few tokens from Tanaan off my dk who is stashing them all. She got shoulders, hands, waist and boots. Straight after she was tanking her first non heroic dungeons and picked up the legendary quest where she got her first epic ring. My paladin was tanking her first heroic dungeon: Skyreach. Everything went better than expected and I was pleased. She went to the jungle herself and got some more equip and is now wearing itemlevel 640. If I would get her some gear off the auction house I know she would improve 😉


  • 650 helm                                                   680 hands
  • 675 neck                                                    675 waist
  • 680 shoulder                                            655 legs
  • 610 back                                                    650 feet
  • heirloom chest                                         650 ring
  • 528 wrists                                                 640 ring
  • 615 weapon                                               650 trinket
  • 650 shield                                                 630 trinket

 So how is tanking?

After my last dungeon yesterday night I even had a compliment from someone on tanking. A friendly player and was joking around how often the character would’ve got aggro with it’s 720 hunter. I said it was my third heroic dungeon and I’d be level 640. The answer was: “Compliment on the good tanking. Very well done for your item level.” I was very proud I have to admit as I need to get used to tanking again. I haven’t tanked anything since ICC and that was on my dk. It was such a nice experience for me reading that as nowadays most of us are used to all kinds of “flaming” and words. I would’ve expected insults of any kind but no, it was nothing like that.

My plans for today

I want to improve at least a few slots on my gear: back, chest, wrists, weapon and maybe a trinket. If I get that I’d be quite happy with my bloodelf paladin.


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