#warcraft: Love rocket & creative things

So much going on in my head these days…

Many things have happened recently that I don’t even know where to start on. I have come up with lots of creative ideas and I’m trying to keep calm and want to doing one thing after another.

bodenwebFirst thing I have planned has tonight come to a finish: the cover of an internet fashion catalogue for a british label.  Not sure if you need to be registered on Talenthouse – either way, if you are and you’d like to support me, give me some “love”.

Next project might be a submission artwork for a hotel in Louisiana, USA.

I have finally found the time to make myself a new logo for my commission site. I will be using it for posting my pieces on the internet. It should’ve used better quality for it, but it’s my second logo and I need to learn how to make them.


WoW-related I have been trying to get that Love Rocket for the past years – and I’m trying again this year. So far I have been doing the event boss 90 times (!) just this year without luck. If I wouldn’t have seen this mount myself before ingame I’d believe this mount is a myth. It is the rarest mount ingame ( I don’t even have Invincible nor the mount of Alysrazor) why should I be getting the rocket, haha *g*?!

palaThe past days I was levelling my paladin tank if I find the time between all this and the usual obligatory stuff. I do have a new mount: The Sapphire Riverbeast. I was looking for it now and then when I was in Talador but never saw it until today. I finally found the rare and was happy my boyfriend helped me with it as the mob was hitting hard but I survived and got the mount. We were both able to loot it. Hello mount No. 289! What a day 🙂



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