warcraft: Twitter header giveaway

Back from holidays and in the mood to do even more art-stuff. I decided to do a Twitter header giveaway this month. You can choose any NPC or your WoW-character. I can do characters of other games and other designs but please let me know when entering.

Enter until March 1. You need to be one of my followers on Twitter and like the tweet. Retweets are appreaciated.


And the winner is… Genesìs – a guild from the US server Tichondius.

with deep roots and relationships spawning back years past. Formed long ago during Vanilla, we have raided each tier and will continue to do so into the forseable future.

This is the resized header for their Twitter-site:


I might be doing another giveaway sometime. I usually require to follow and like, retweets are appreciated.

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