#hearthstone: Loe heroic clear

After testing a few decks I’ve decided to finally clear League of Legends heroicAfter I’ve got the expansion for Hearthstone I gave up on a few bosses and got over it somehow. In the past 2 days I had some time to have another look at them and also some guides to clear the left of it.

I needed a long time to finally beat Giantfin on heroic. I’ve tried mage and priest – and then needed a few tries on a warrior deck. I’m just not very skilled with warrior and rogue decks but I finally made it.


Warrior against Giantfin

Everything went quite alright with Lady Naz’jar and next was the Steel Sentinel had already finished the Skelesaurus. He was one of the bosses giving me some headaches in the past. This time I’ve beaten him with a Paladin deck.


Paladin against Steel Sentinel

With Rafaam being next I had to choose cards which would just do poorly because the boss would just have my deck. Again I went with a warrior deck this time to beat him.


Warrior deck against Rafaam

Rafaam unleashed, the last boss encounter I’ve beaten with a mage deck. It took a few tries but I made it and the got the heroic cardback 🙂


Mage deck against Rafaam unleashed


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3 thoughts on “#hearthstone: Loe heroic clear

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  2. Just found your blog and nice to see someone else posting about Hearthstone! The heroic cardback for LOE is pretty neat, did you set it as the default? I just recently cleared LOE as well, so finally can make a Reno Jackson deck.

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    • Just visited your site and I’m happy to see someone else writing about Hearthstone aswell 🙂 Thank you for your comment. I do use the cardback but not for all of my decks.

      Liked by 1 person

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