#warcraft: my disc priest doing hfc heroic

Now my guild and my mage are equipped with heroic gear we’ve started an alt raid group for Hellfire Citadel heroic. My discipline priest has reached itemlevel 699 and went Hfc hc today for the first time. He is my first alt that went in on not just normal but heroic…

I only had 3 Seals of Inevitable Fate because I couldn’t really bother to do anything on my goblin disc priest for a for weeks. At my priest’s item level of 699 I ‘ve been thinking that it will not be easy but I was glad that my guild was taking me with them. I guess I’m not a bad healer and in my opinion I was pretty good at the raid tonight but my skill and concentration was challeged. After we’ve killed Archimonde on normal the item level had improved to 704 as I got a few items – one with bonus roll:


I needed all of those items I got as all of those were improvements for my priest… I was waiting for a staff to drop but I felt lucky with my mace off Archimonde. All I need is a good off-hand now.

On the sidenote: We took my boyfriend with us this time. He also got a few items he needed on his dk and his itemlevel increased aswell. He did a heroic dungeon for points afterwards and he could see a damage increase.

We had a great raid tonight. We’ve started an hour late so we couldn’t do Socrethar, Zakuun and Velhaari and wiped once or twice but had such a laugh and I like it that way – we’re just silly 🙂




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