#hearthstone: Paladin decks tested

2 promising decks tested


In the series of deck testing and my article on mage decks yesterday I would like to introduce two Paladin decks I have tested. Please keep in mind those are my personal experiences and are different from other people as play styles vary.

One of the first decks I’ve tried to get a better rank with is the Top 25 (EU) Nerubian Egg.

“The intial idea of this deck revolves around the new LoE card – Keeper of Uldaman and it’s synergy as an aggressive buff. I’ve experimented with Nerubian Egg in the past because Paladin already features so many activators with Might, Kings and Coghammer – Keeper is another card that has perfect synergy with it.

When building the deck I tried to go for a slower build with Dr. Boom and Tirion but the deck simply wanted to end games quicker. Now it caps out with Loatheb as AoE prevention for the final push.” says MrStrongPawn, the player who put this deck online.

nerubian egg

I experienced this deck had difficult matches against other Paladins as I’ve lost 10 games against them. Other bad opponents for me were Druids. Hunters, Rogues and Warriors were quite even. This deck was shining against Warlocks & Mages with 11 wins and 5 losses.

With this deck I achieved 39 wins but 41 losses. So after 80 games I didn’t climb a rank.

The second Paladin deck I played was the “Cheap Tempo Paladin“-deck.

“Mulligan hard for a 1 and 2 drop, ideal cards are Cogmaster and Shielded Minibot, but Leper Gnome is a great pick up as well as most people will want to ping it on their turn 2 which will let you tempo out nicely as they have nothing to contest your Minibot.

Deck contains basic paladin shenanigans, such as Knife Juggler into Muster. Most cards can energizer with each other in some way or another.

Making sure you get a good Murloc Knight+ Hero power is key, but even playing it turn 3 or 4 can help you snowball out of control if it goes uncontested. I find it best to trade for value with this deck, as maintaining board control is how you will win when you play Mukla’s Champion and Stormwind Knight.” says Toomuchsugar, the player who put this deck online.


Against mages it was often so close – I was so close on winning that sometimes 1 hp has made the difference. This deck for me was good against other Paladins,  Priests, and Warlocks. After 60 games I found this deck has a lot of potential and I will probably keep this saved on Hearthstone as I was winning more than I was losing: 28 wins and 25 losses.

What is your favourite Paladin deck? Feel free to post a link in the comments.

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