#hearthstone: mage decks tested

How to mage in Hearthstone

Which decks are best?


Over the past days and weeks I was excessively testing different decks on Hearthstone. I sometimes even played all night because I wanted to achieve a better rank. I’ve already tested a few decks in the past. Some of them were self-constructed some where made by other people but I never put down on paper how often I’d win or lose with them.

I usually ended up between rank 14-17 on Hearthstone. I’ve noticed winning is becoming more difficult since the past two or three weeks. I’ve talked to other people about it and they’ve said the same. I’m glad when I keep rank 16 or 17 this month.

Read on to see what happened. Please keep in mind those are my personal experiences and are different from other people as play styles vary.

Over the next few weeks I would like to introduce you to good rated decks in Hearthstone and want to let you know about my personal experience with them. In this article I will tell you more about the 2 mage decks I have played.

As I wanted to climb in rank I was looking for a deck with a lot of potential, so the 90% win legend-deck sounded good to me and I tried it.

“Tempo deck imply that you need to play good temp on curve. This is your one of win conditions.  Try to control board with your spells and combo with flamewaker. You can kill your opponent by board or by spells. Usually on turn 8-9 vs control deck you lost board control, and before this you have to deal critical damage to opponent face to kill him using Fireball or Frostbolt. Against Aggro Deck you need to find early game and a lot of spells to counter initial threat and then push face damage. Against mid deck like Druid you need board control, thats why you don’t need to be afraid to use Fireball to clean and develop your board. Antonidas gives this deck second breath if we’ve already used both Fireballs. Try to get as much as possible Fireballs by Archmage, but 2 Fireballs is also good. Unstable Portal is a very important card, because you can just win the game on turn 3 playing Mysterious Challenger or Dr.Boom on turn 4. This I think gives you a bit more positive outs, than negative (compared with Spellslinger).” said Andedroga, the player who has put this deck online.


I played 60 games with this deck and in my opinion this deck is really good against other mages and hunters. On the downside I was usually losing against druids, priests and warlocks. That’s 25 wins & 35 losses.


Another deck I tried to climb with was the Chinese wall-deck. I really liked Reno Jackson and Brann Bronzebeard in the deck. With Healbot and Duplicate I was able to heal myself back to full health a lot of times.

“This deck is like the Chinese Wall, unbeatable vs aggro/face decks, and is still good vs Midrange/Control decks and current meta if you play it well (Pal Secret, Renolock, Freeze Mage,…).

You just have to put your taunts on the board as soon as you can, then you clear the board with your removals and put your secrets. To finish, when it’s time to heal yourself, you can recover something like 60HP or more.

Against Midrange and Control decks, you have to play differently : You just have to play very slowly, by playing only 1 or 2 minions on your board, then you will win by fatigue.

Bad match-up for me were :
1) Priest (not impossible but very difficult)
2) Secret Paladin (only when they have a perfect curve)

I’m still trying to improve the deck against control decks, without lose its main goal : 100% winrate vs aggro decks.” said Hwi, the player who put the deck online.


Another 50 games played with a mage deck made me realise I must be an awful Hearthstone player?! Again I was winning against mages and warlocks but I had bad matches against Priests. 25 wins & 25 losses this time. So again no climbing for me.


Again, this is all based on my experiences and I’m far beyond being a great Hearthstone player. 😉 Feel free to link your favourite mage deck in the comments.

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