#hearthstone: something’s going wrong

Experience on bots

50% win chance with every deck

I’ve played 50% of the classes and different styles of decks. With all of them I seem to win once, twice or more and then losing again resulting in no rank differences at all. I played hour after hour, day after day without any changes which is just getting in my nerves.

Something I’ve noticed today: A few players are giving up right at the start. Some Hearthstone players were banned for botting but some might still be around and I seem to see some of them.

In this Icy Veins article people are saying more than 50%, on the US-forums they’re saying 80%, of bots would be playing Paladin. I must say I’ve noticed an increase of Paladins but not as much as 50% or even more.

Decks I’ve tried in the past days:

Just playing a Cheap Tempo Paladin deck.

I’m planning on writing on my experience with different decks in the following days.


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