#hearthstone: things you can do while playing

Why is my opponent so slow? What is (s)he doing? Is (s)he even there? Time is fading and you’re tired looking at the game waiting for your opponent to actually PLAY a card?

Here are my ideas and things to do something usefull while waiting:



  • wipe some dust
  • clean up your appartment/room
  • clean your keyboard/mouse
  • sort your clothing if you can stay in the same room
  • get your papers sorted
  • repair (your clothes) if you can


Be up to date:

  • check your mails and reply to them if neccessary
  • check websites for updates
  • check your software for updates
  • check twitter/facebook/instagram/tumblr/pinterest…
  • do something creative: drawing/ painting/ writing
  • do your laundry, washing/hanging
  • make appointments/get in touch with friends, family or even doctors
  • plan ahead for later/next day/next week
  • think about trying another deck in Hearthstone
  • if you need to: print out a letter you were supposed to send some time ago
  • pack packets if you need to
  • compare prices if you are planning to buy something


Take care of yourself:

  • apply some cream if you have dry skin
  • make use of your nailfile or scissors
  • don’t forget your medication if you need them
  • have a drink
  • get some fruit
  • make a shopping list
  • do some stretching
  • breath in & out deeply or sigh to help you relax
  • get your eyes away from your screen to relax your eyes


Have some fun:

  • watch a stream you enjoy
  • watch funny videos/videos of your favourite comedian or tv series
  • listen to your favourite songs
  • go on Teamspeak/mumble and have a chat with your mates
  • make some riddles or play other quick games
  • pamper your pet/play with your pet


What are you doing while playing Hearthstone? Tell me in the comments. I’m curious to know.


8 thoughts on “#hearthstone: things you can do while playing

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