#warcraft: signature giveaway

Why would I need a signature? If you’re a user on website forums or your guild/group has a website you might want something nice in your signature. You can link to your armory from there etc.

What style will I get, what will it look like? It will probably have a style like this:

3Either way it will show your character & a background which is WoW-inspired. The full package incl. light/shadow and color adjustment with all details usually cost 7€-10€.


What size will it be? I’m only allowed a 400 by 100 px- signature. No worries. Signatures I make are different in size but I usually make them around 430 by 100 px. If you’re only allowed to be 400 px then I will make yours 400 px. In case you’re the winner I will be notifying you anyway to get more details.

You can get yours for free! I’ve just started a signature giveaway on Twitter. All you need to do is Like, Retweet & Follow me on SerendiaFrost. I will be choosing one lucky winner on February 1. I will get in touch with you shortly after that to get all the details. Good luck!



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