#Hearthstone Deck-Tracker 

If you’re playing Hearthstone and haven’t heard of it yet I would like to introduce to you : The “Hearthstone-Deck-Tracker”. HDT is, as the name says, an automatic deck tracker and manager for Hearthstone. For me it’s not clear if Blizzard is ok with it to use it, because on one hand it doesn’t do anything else than you could do with pen & paper. On the other hand some say Blizzard doesn’t like third party software and this might be against their rules. But addons for WoW is third party-software too?!




loading screen


HDT menu

My Deck tracker is in german but I just want to show you what it looks like. There are lots of options you choose from. Add constructed decks by hand or import them. I’ve tried two new (for me) decks here. It’s counting not only how often you lost/won with each deck. It also counts on which classes.


the board – left side my cards/right side opponents card

When you get into the game it can look like this or just like above. You can adjust the display’s size and move them anywhere you want. All your cards in the deck are shown. I let my cards show on the left and the opponent ones on the right. But you choose and can do it vice versa if you prefer that. If one card shows as black or greyed out then I have already played the certain card out.

Review: I already had HDT installed a while ago and found it quite interesting to see. It helped with making decisions while playing because it keeps track on cards I had already used. That was the main point for me to install it. I deinstalled it shortly after because it was quite disturbing me in a weird way (maybe I just had to get used to it) and I had a feeling it wasn’t quite helpful to me. Also I felt I didn’t need it. Today I’ve set it back up to help me keeping track of my wins/losses as I’m planning to keep testing decks and write reviews about them. Now it’s up to you if you consider this to be helpful or interesting for you.

If you want to download it you can get it here for free: Release Release v0.13.7 · Epix37/Hearthstone-Deck-TrackerGitHub



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