#warcraft horoscope Scorpio: October 24 – November 22

scorpioA far better year than any year before! You found strength by confronting yourself with a lot of challenges. You are in a new role, feel lighter and can not be knocked over by anything unexpected. You may receive a gift for the challenges you were fighting for – so good loot or gold lies ahead. People /events /social fun appear on your list until September.

Gear: December will be a great time to buy or farm yourself some new gear and weapons to prepare for the following year. At this time, it’s sure you will find the most flattering styles for you. You will get lots of compliments.

Your & your guild/group: Your circle of friends and contacts will expand. You might also have to say goodbye to one or two old friends. But your new friends will introduce you to even more people. These friends will help you to make important decisions. Your mind will be hungry to learn and grow so you maybe want to play another spec or you want to master a completely new class. If you were hoping for more exciting stuff happening they will do so in the last week of January or beginning of August. In the second half of August you may want to consider leaving your guild/group or even take a break from WoW. But be warned – you may lack information and that might come back to you and kick you in the butt.

Gold: You may not be able to get as much as in 2015. This might be the same for next year. Be reasonable, and scale the things you want to buy to your taking.

Leader: If you are mediator when people have a disagreement you will find ways. This year marks service to others. You find ways to alleviate suffering, so until September you will help your guild/group a lot.

Love: March will be your romantic month. Everything that happens during that time, will have the power to change your life for the year. Circulate if single, and if attached, celebrate the love you have found. Look your best because you never know when that chance meeting will take place.

Personal: If you want to move make your plans in February. You will be helped to find a perfect place quite suddenly, and it would likely be that you like it so much that you’ll stay a long time. In August you may be finalizing plans to move.

What are your thoughts, Scorpio? Are you ok with that?

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