#warcraft: an overview about legion


World of Warcraft: Legion will be playable in summer 2016.  Ten new levels, a new continent and of course numerous new adventures. There will be no big interface changes. Azeroth will be in danger. The invasion begins … again! To counteract this, the new class demon hunter will join!

The main focus of the designers is to bring back the class imagination and differences between them. How does a class and their spec really look like? This question they have asked themselves while they noticed that things have changed since Classic. A lot has been lost but with the upcoming expansion this will change again. All specs of all classes are heavily revised or improved. Several hundreds of new skills and talents and even completely new specs are expected. In addition, each class will get their own class (order) hall where you can meet with your mates. In class halls you will find all sorts of missions and quests for the new level cap 110.

In addition there will be coming a brand new system: artifact weapons. Each class and each spec will unlock an exclusive weapon by its own quest line. That weapon is to retain, enhance and improve, thereby also additional skills and passive bonuses can be activated throughout Legion. All of the weapons are real eye-catchers! With Legion also transmogging will be revised. Every player get their own account-wide closet in which all item designs that has ever been in WoW can be unlocked. These were just a few new features. In the following guide you will get to know everything you need to know about the expansion !

World of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer (EU)

Archimonde has come to Draenor “across time and space” to ensure the Burning Legion invasion of Azeroth goes according to plan. His demonic soul remained tied to the Twisting Nether, allowing him to return in Warlords. When Archimonde realized that he would lose the battle in Hellfire Citadel he yelled to Gul’dan that “he made a pact” and sent the orc in a beam of green energy into the the Black Gate. The defiler once again was defeated. We do not know exactly how Gul’dan’s trip went, but at the end of the journey Gul’dan came to Azeroth in our time line to enable a third incident. His goal was the grave of Sargeras through which he opened a portal to Azeroth of the Burning Legion. The grave itself is located on the Broken Isles near the Maelstrom which remained unnoticed for a long time.

The Mage Aegwyn – Medivh’s mother – destroyed Sargeras in an epic duel. The ultimate goal of the Burning Legion is to revive their leader Sargeras. To achieve this Gul’dan has not only found demons – he also found more allies on the isles. So he has made a pact with an elven race who call themselves the night born and are relatives to the night elves. With their help and the use of powerful artifacts Gul’dan attempts to reach his goalGul’dan is recruiting another ally for the common cause. For he has found the body of Illidan in the guardian dungeons and this combined his with its immortal soul. Illidan’s soul returned back to the Nether after dieing, waiting to obtain a vessel again – as every demon. Apparently Illidan is not an expected good ally for Gul’dan, because if there is something Illidan hates more than us it’s the Legion. Thus he and his Illidari are on our side to prevent the return of Sargeras.

Khadgar – who was suspicious already after Gul’dan’s ” escape ” through the portal – remained vigilant all the time and has kept an eye on Azeroth from his Dark Tower. “The Burning Legion has returned” was the message to the Leaders of  Azeroth heard from him. Their goal is clear: In addition to the revival of Sargeras they mainly want the people from Azeroth to avenge – they were now driven back twice in the Nether. The people of Azeroth have allied. Their army is on their way to the Broken Islands to stop Gul’dan !


demon hunter – night elf & blood elf

new class: Demon hunter

After death knight & monk we’re getting another class: the demon hunter. From the story as well as the style it just fits! The demon hunter was one of the most wanted new classes for the past years. The new class brings some specifics such as 2 specs instead of 3 (or 4), unique customization options and a unique double jump and glide wings!


Revision of the known classes

For the new addon the developers wanted to put a focus on the differences of the 12 classes and their specializations. They want to make cosmetic improvements, expansion of already existing skills, new skills, a replacement of too general skills, an adjustment to the rotations to underline the specialization and partly a complete overhaul. By reading this one thing is clear: The classes are very heavily revised.

A few classes got a little more attention from Blizzard than others. It’s a fact that some classes have special features that will be enhanced with Legion. For example, new races – class combinations or new forms for the shapeshifters. Here is a list of all additional class innovations :

  • refubrished moonkin- and aquatic form for druids

  • revamped bear form for druids

  • special bear and cat forms for those who have their artifact weapons

  • new classes/racial combination: gnome hunters

  • new kind of pet for hunters: mechanical pet

  • aspects, attitudes and seals are removed

  • many new models for hunter pets

  • monks get a new animation for two-handed weapons

  • no Fistweaver monks in Legion anymore

  • completely new weapon for warlocks

  • no dual spec – all specs can now be played

changes made to glyphs


Artifact Weapons

For each specialisation a special weapon. Legion will bring a very special new feature: the artifact weapons. You will not receive any weapon through quests, raids or dungeons on the Broken Isles! At the beginning of the addon each role of each class will get their own personal artifact weapon that can then be expanded and strengthed by the player during the course of the entire expansion. Not only the itemlevel is increased – you can unlock effects, increase various bonuses and even change the look of it. Blizzard has each of the 36 artifacts given 5 different sizes, which differ completely from each other. Every design has also another 4 color variations. Every artifact weapon has 20 versions of how it can look like. Overall there are 720 different styles.

calculator and preview

arcane mage-weapon

artifacts and their origins


Class Halls aka Order Halls


The WoW developers finally found a way of housing in WoD and have added the garrisons to the game. Each player was able to establish his own fortress. The feature turned out rather small. A few customization options and lots of clicking in an interface that you had to open several times a day if you wanted to send your followers on missions to unlock other missions. Blizzard promised to do better with Legion. It has long been clear that the garrisons remain on Draenor. The class halls in Legion will follow a slightly different approach this time. You will have a teleport to your class hall – same as with your garrison in WoD. Here is where the class halls will be located:

  • Death Knight’s class halls: Acherus (Broken Isles)
  • Demon Hunter‘s: Fel Hammer in Mardum
  • Druid‘s class hall: Dreamgrove in Val’Sharah
  • Hunter‘s class hall: Trueshot Lodge in Highmountain. You will be seeing Hemt Nesingwary, Rexxar and Vareesa Windrunner.
  • Mage‘s class hall: Hall of the Guardians in Legion: Dalaran (not the WotLK Dalaran) Quest will send you to Hillsbrad Foothills, Violet Hold and probably Icecrown Citadel.
  • Monk‘s class hall: Monastery on the Wandering Isle
  • Paladin‘s class hall: Vault beneath Light’s Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands
  • Priest‘s class hall: Netherlight Temple in Karabor. You will be seeing Prophet Velen and some Priestesses of Elune
  • Rogue‘s class hall: in a secret enclave of Dalaran. You will be seeing Valeera Sanguinar and Vanessa VanCleef.
  • Shaman‘ class hall:”Hollowed out cave” overlooking the Maelstrom
  • Warlock‘s class hall: Dreadscar Rift, one of the Legion’s portal worlds
  • Warrior: Halls of Valor in Stormheim

video: warrior order hall


Professions  – nothing new, but better than before!

Manufacturing jobs, gathering skills and also secondary professions get again a new maximum skill level: 800 in Legion. The developers have made some improvements for crafting in Legion but the basic system remains the same. The main goal this time is the professions on one hand will be interesting and on the other hand will stay interesting for the whole addon. Everyone needs recipes. It has always been the case in other addons: you went to a trainer and just learned many recipes there by clicking on a button. Recipes that drop have been added or something that you discover by crafting something. In Legion you won’t find a professional trainer! Recipes are learned through quests and special NPCs which can be found on the Broken Isles.

You learn how to deal with the new resources. Tailors will have to team up with a night-born to learn how to craft great gear with the new yarn f.e. There’s also specific profession quests. Miners for example learn from a ghost. Ore and plants are now shared with all the players. A mining deposit or a plant will stay for a certain time after the first player has collected resources thereof – perhaps 10 or 20 seconds. All players that make use of it during this period will received ores or plants aswell.

Recipes can now have ranks. A recipe can have three ranks. How exactly they will unlock has not been betrayed (as of Nov. 2015). The differences were not really discussed. What was said was that crafted items now frequently bring special effects. Either effects when you use them or sockets as a guaranteed bonus.

thumb_16880_article_smallNew systems & content for Pve-players

Many known systems to be revised, but also old known content to be expanded. The developers already announced 10 dungeons for five players, 2 new world bosses and raids at the beginning of the extension. No new scenarios. At least not as you know them from Mists of Pandaria. But there are many new lore-scenarios used for quests only.

Two major new aspects in endgame PvE: the new challenge mode and a new quest system! The challenge mode is completely revised and will be working different. Each time you complete a dungeon successfully the more difficult it will become – each time you get a reward every time it becomes better. Eventually additional effects are added whereby it will be even more difficult to finish it successfully. Everyone should play on their own level of difficulty and get matching items. This will be a way to get very good items without raiding the developers say.

Daily quests will no longer be special quests in specific zones. There’s more freedom of choice. Dailies should bring a story relevant progress as in some areas Pandaria daily quests. Because of the scaling system you will slightly have anything anywhere to do not only in special level 110 subzones. The team wants to overwhelm players with choice and freedom rather than they’re literally forced to do something. Rather then sending the trailers to garrison missions you now put yourself on these missions. There are a lot of different missions to complete. Reputation, occupationally specific, PvP-specific, there are those for world bosses or mini-games. All new playable zones are always scaled to the current level of the game opponents. Legendary items are rarely dropped as loot from enemies.

full list of legendaries


emerald nightmare/emerald dream – raid


    1. The Emerald Dream – 7 bosses
    2. Suramar Palace (Palace of the Nightborne/Nightwell)-  10 bosses probably incl. Gul’dan

With raids there will be a new tier set – tier 19


videos of the new dungeons

Now I have listed all of the major changes for Legion but that is not all that we will experience! Many minor things will be changing. There will be far more adjustments and content the developments made.

Make a comment and tell me what are you looking forward to the most.

sources: vanion.eu; wowwiki; wow-head.com; battle.net; youtube



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