#warcraft horoscope Libra: September 24 – October 23

libraYour strength has been tested long enough. This year you will see wonders of life – things will change finally. You’ve matured, you know who are your supporters. From September you will find abundance , growth and gain the ability to find meaning and happiness. It will be inevitable, you become aware of your own shadows or you will see you’re sabotaging opportunities for yourself. This year you are stronger than you’ve ever been before and people will notice. You’ve made many experiences and your expectations are more realistic.

Gear: If you want new transmog gear for your wardrobe buy or get it in the first two weeks of February. For legion gear you may want to wait until October/November. You will want to look nice when you plan your next career move f.e. new guild rank/ guild/ group. You will have fun around the valentines day-event this year.

Gold: You may have a hard time in recent years in getting a decent raise but those days are over. Your income could not be better.

Your & your guild/group: Be proud of yourself, you’ve come far in wisdom. At times you may not be aware that you have help behind the scenes, powerful people. They are saying good things about you. If you are burdened by fear, bad memory or need to find courage to make a big decision you can ask a healer – probably priest – who you can help you. If you’re playing a tank: Do the right research to find the right healer for you. Then your health will improve and you will compete in a competition and score a personal best. You will become more confident. Your guild/group may downsize. In your guild/group you will find yourself at the right place at the right time to take advantage of opportunities. Your commication style will sharpen and become more effective.

Leader: As a leader you will benefit in a big way. Pay attention to a close guild or group mate as one may be going through a hard time and need your support. You as a leader remain steady with a bit of turbulence in early July. Stay alert for changes in your guild/group. As said your group/guild may downsize.

Love:  If you’re single you will have your very best years to find true love. If you do work eagerly your effords will pay off. Changes or renewals are lying ahead and meant to improve your relationship if you’re already attached. Two areas of life will come together: money and communication. This could be reason for misunderstandings or unpleasantness. If you should be dating someone and it doesn’t feel right break off the relationship.

Personal: Enter into all close relationships slowly. Know the characers and background of the people you collaborate with. What you first assume to be true may not be accurate. Priorities in the first 8 months: Decide which people and goals are worth fighting for. Which goals are the ones you’ve outgrown, no longer excite you an add new ones and it’ll be “your” year. Steal yourself away and you will make superb progress on all that you’re creating. Be careful with important decisions especially between April & June!

Life will improve for you!

Libra, does that sound good to you? Feel free to leave a comment.

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