#warcraft horoscope Virgo: August 24 – September 23

virgoEspecially this year you need to know your limits but implement important plans into reality – disciplined and persistent. Until the beginning of September you will find strong support for this. You will be provided with spiritual influence. Ensure that you do not overshoot your goals and don’t have illusions of things that can’t be achieved. You must expect changes as you will examine all aspects of life. What’s supposed to be a long term value will remain – anything else must go. This year has very good possibilities for you and positive changes can bring wealth and growth. This year is about confidence in yourself and your life.

You & your guild/group: In June you might want to make a change and may begin to apply, get into interviews or start your own guild/group from there on. Alternatively you want to change realm and take advantage of offers. Guild/group developments will influence your decision. August & September are marked for a breakthrough. In September you will be ready to make that decision. By middle of October you’ve found the guild/group you want to stay in and you there’s excellent news. If you work in a creative field (website/forum etc.) mid-March & end of June may bring you rewards.

Gold: During mid-April to late May you must calculate very carefully. It is not advisable to start something new during this time. Your gold income will be considerable later this year. This is gold you earn through work and won’t win. You have new ideas and earnings will grow fast. In the last week of September your will have a lucky day so you should see a raise of gold.

Leader: You may decide to start something expensive within the next two years. You may feel you want to offer your group/guild more. Something that will be quite expensive and you may opt to give up some treat to save for the payment (f.e. another guild bank slot). You will be taught that nothing of value comes without determination, discipline and drive.

Love: Don’t stay with someone you know is not right for you. Break off prior to September. You will be challenged to be very clear-eyed and objective when you start a new serious relationship. You will show all your lovely attributes to a new partner and you will notice a strong emphasis on realism. This should be a year of finding the right person for growing and celebrating the love. If single January will be very special as you are meeting new people. If you’re attached your planning fun events until early September. If you are dating get to know that person better, as this person may be in your life a very long time.

Personal: March & September are marked for endings and you will be following a brave new path by making important decisions. You want to be useful and productive so you often put other’s interests before your own. It’s now time to put your needs first and you will have good fortune in many areas of your life. You will eventually find yourself at the right place at the right time. Until September you will make many important new contacts and friendships. It’s likely you will be travelling far and you will widen your horizons. Take care of your health, especially your digestion system, then this year you will become stronger. You will be offered a lot but remain choosy. Your luckiest time this year is the last week of August. Events speed up and events could happen in March & September. Anything that is essentially important to you will stay. Do not hold on to relationships on which time has expired. Encounters and relationships should be analyzed as to whether they help your inner growth or slow down.

Virgo, do you like your horoscope? Isn’t there something to look forward to? Feel free to comment.

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