#warcraft horoscope Leo: July 23 – August 23

leoLast year you experienced a rise in confidence and optimism and you’re likely to achieve plenty of personal growth this year. Preserve what you gained. You can cherish the hope to improve your existing relationships. This year will boost your job. You will earn more and get to know foreign countries and cultures. You will experience support and even your body will feel an improvement and your level of energy will rise.

You & your guild/group: May won’t be a good month to take a new position/class or role but it will be fine if you want to change guild or group, possibly one that you were meant to get in months or years ago. From middle of September/October 2017 your speaking and writing will be very important for your success. If you are considering a realm transfer you should favor November. If you don’t want to change realm, change your transmog and plan a realm party or let a friend do it – just be silly at the end of October/early November. Maybe you start as a moderator in a forum or your guild/group website, start streaming etc. There will even be money for you to make in all areas of communication.

Leader: Private messaging/whispers with candidates will be very effective. Put together an advert to post on boards at the end of September for best results if you are offering raid slots. You will get the conditions you need to enthusiastically make choices and move forward.

Gold: This will be THE year of gold. It’s the financial reward that is related to projects in July/August 2015. Look at your emails/screenshots or whispers to help you remember the topics. In the beginning of March you are likely to see gold that you would get at once. The end of September will be all about gold aswell. Either you will receive a lot or you buy something very expensive you’ve always wanted. Everything will be going smoothly this year.

Love: From June – August you should be very careful, because your energy can turn against you if you want something too much. November may bring you someone new to date that you will stay in your life for a long time. As a single you have good chances because you are self-confident, sexy and feel gorgeous. You want a serious love affair and it could be that you meet someone older. You will begin to make bigger plans for the future and relations with others will improve. After September the life is happier, easier and much more simple. Treat yourself to new evening things to wear.

If you’re attached you will most likely experience temporary separations from your love if you’re dating. That’ll be no fault of your own. It’s more likely because of their job or frustration that your partner lives somewhere else. It’s to test the depth of your love and judgement in regard of romantic situations. Maybe you bump into someone who is still grieving for your past love or who has been hurt from a past relationship. It will be teaching you life lessons but these obstacles will be dissolved in no time.

Personal: This and next year signifies the most personal growth and character development – your experiences will come from love. If your relationship is strong, have faith that over time things will even out. Having lots more money will provide you with the means to enjoy life more. You’re likely need to take chaos and bustle from renovations, new equipment or relocation plans at your home in January – September. This burst of energy can lead to increased tensions with other family members. It is best to relax, be patient and tolerant. If there are no money problems, you feel always happy! And besides that there is nothing, which would not be easy to cope with.

So how do you feel about it, Leo? I’m rather happy about it – I’m a Leo. 🙂

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