#warcraft horoscope Cancer: June 22 – July 22


As you look back, you may see that your home life has changed dramatically within the past years. This year will bring your family into focus. Think positive and you will find success.

Over the past years you were taught to become more realistic, objective and practical. Through a series of tough challenges and tests you were taught the ability to love and also your desire to stay with your current partner. Having gone through this you are more mature and wiser than ever before in matters of the heart.

Gear: In the beginning of July your charisma will be high. This would be to change your current transmog. You would get many compliments.

You & your guild/group: You were and are still questioning if you had made the right choices. Maybe it was already necessary to change your guild/group and it might be the case again due to changes. If you want to take a leader role get into communication in mid-June. If you want to leave your current guild/group wait until the beginning of August or end of September. You will be in a cheerful mood and have a rock solid everyday optimism. It’s an excellent year for a new role, class change or just profession that interests you.

Gold: Your gold income should remain steady. You might be getting some plus in the end of January but you will need to work for it. Your best time of the year is at the beginning of June.

Leader: If you didn’t like the changes you were seeing so far, at some point you may have switched guild/group or position in it. You seem to be doing well by keeping up and creating new ways. Original thinking can be disconcerting, because things are unpredictable you will now generate some of the most innovative ideas of your life.

Love: If you’re single you may have been frustrated or even outraged by the way you were treated by your (ex)-partner. From January – March and from the end of May – August may be a time for finding and enjoying true love. You may meet on a trip, on a public conveyance or you may meet while working on a project you are doing. Your best time of the year would be at the end of September & end of October for finding your one true love. Take your time to get to know your intended partner well. This year is “Think Big!” your motto. If you are already attached learn how to disagree gracefully with your partner. You may travel to foreign shores with your partner for New Year’s Eve.

Personal: You were being challenged to be flexible and you are now able to respond to unexpected news and events on the fly which is good because you will probably experience problems with a person within a relationship. The most likely time for you to make a major decision about your living situation will be the end of March. It might be that you will have to relocate thanks to a sudden job offer that comes up that may be too good to pass up. You will be working so consistently that you should take good care of your health, especially in the middle of the year. Catch your breath and recharge your batteries on a vacation in summer.

Your focus is your family and your home especially from September – October, this is your retreat. Make the best of it and enjoy the familiar warmth. When you would like to expand, renovate or move into a bigger house you should read real estate offers, because it would be an excellent time to buy something and to benefit from it in the future. Late this year and in 2017 your family members will prove to be generously to each other. None of this is really surprising because all that shows your positive state of mind, which in 2016, the key to success.

What do you think about your horoscope, dear Cancer? Tell me in the comments.

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