#warcraft horoscope Gemini : May 21 – June 21


A close relationship in love and in your group/guild will undergo change and growth. You will learn how to create a true partnership and it will all be worth it in the end.

You have an exciting year ahead, with love your first priority this & next year. A new apartment/flat/house which you will absolutely love.

You & your guild/group: You may change your guild/group or you may receive a promotionMarch will be your big month for honor, achievements and titles. Mid-September new opportunities will arise, so you may move guild/group or get into talking with someone. End of November, mid of June or middle of September will bring an important aspect that will have the power to bring enlightenment and transformation.

Gold:  Pay attention in January on how to manage your gold. Your earnings are proportional to your efforts. Mid-March & in the last week of June you are likely to get an offer that will be so attractive that you may be speechless. Beginning of September will be the beginning of taking a new path. Gold is most likely coming in terms of a royalty or a one-time payment. You may have a collaborator to help you create more that you could ever do on your own.

Leader: You will continue to take a leadership role and people who are interested in joining will continue to follow your progress. Get ready to handle a big work-load, emergencies, and maybe even crisis in guild or group-related communication.

Love: Over the past three years this part of your life was under challenging aspects, but this year will be different as you will get plenty of opportunities to find love. If you are single and not dating be sure to get into social interaction. Do not choose to do internet dating but have a closer look at your friend’s social surroundings. You may even go on a journey where you’re likely to meet other singles.

Life will be teaching you life lessons until December next year. You may be tought to handle situations when you don’t agree. You might be tested to see how much you value this relationship and want to honor it. If you’re in a strong relationship you will be tought on how to resolve conflicts which will certainly come up now and then. You need a lot of patience and diplomacy to avoid confrontations and even breakups, especially during March – May and in August. You may have to do a lot of gentle persuasion to get your partner to see your point of view.

Personal: Until mid-September would be a great time to find a beautiful house/flat/appartment. Maybe you want to schedule a renovation or upgrade your home with a piece of furniture or paint. If you move it would be so nice you wouldn’t want to move again and it’s likely you stay there for a very long time. Take care of yourself and treat any health issue seriously. If you don’t want to change any part of where you are living now you benefit from friendships and show them how much you appreciate them. If you like invite your friends or even your boss for a meal. It may benefit your career by strengthening those bonds. If your home is not the focus, you may be thinking about assisting your Mum or Dad who seems to need you advice and possible solution.

Does that sound like a good year to you, Gemini? Write in the comments.

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