#warcraft horoscope Taurus: April 21 – May 20

taurusYou need action and relaxation. You’re helped throughout the year to assess your limits.

This will be a great year – not only for your health but also in terms of your family.

This could be the year you were waiting for. You might walk a complete new path and you’re capable of creating a new and richer textured emotional life.

Gear: At the end of August until years-end you may have a wonderful time to update your transmog and you’ll be buying new gear.

You & your group/guild: February is your best month to start interviews if you want to change group/guild or just want a higher position in your current group. Look for opportunities in the net and talk to people because you will want to know about them before they are posted somewhere else. At the beginning of March and September you will have the opportunity making new friends. You will be working on your personal life and it will likely bring change and fresh opportunities. You might hear your friend will be moving away or taking on a position. A greater title for you to achieve from November to Mid-December. Your work may receive positive feedback from your leader.  If you need new equipment such as hardware or an upgrade you will be able to do so between October – December.

Gold: The second half of the year is marked by lots of work that does not always be joyfull and you maybe even feel you’re not moving forward. Later in the year you will realize how much you have actually managed. If your fighting spirit has awakened, nothing can stop you – and your gold income will increase especially in April and December. If you need to borrow money don’t ask for more. This year will teach you the value of money and may show you alternative ways to spend and save. Very special will be August and October where you may start to increase you gold income.

Leader: You will receive some of the most assignments you’ve seen in a long time in September until next year. You may need to do more recruiting but you won’t and don’t need to have any worries. It might be the case you want to leave the guild/group or someone else may take your place – scheduled for the last week of September.

Love: If your’re attached and your partner does not jump on the same train or has different ideas it may become slow in May and October. For a big event consider summer. If you frequently get upset over your partner’s quirks rethinking is helpful. If you set clear rules for tasks in partnership a family dispute can not arise in terms of money and home. In a strong and happy relationship you can now bond closer. You may think about a higher level. It would be wise to think long term as relationships will grow and develop as time goes by.

If you are single you have an excellent chance meeting a person who fascinates you and will stay in your life. You will be amazed to meet the kind of partner who you can actually imagine setting up a serious, long term relationship. It may be a dark & stormy night before you actually believe something like this can happen. September 30 will be a perfect day for you – sparkles in your love life. Early March and September will be your most important social time this year.

Personal:  Your health will improve and gets stronger by the day, assuming you will continue to follow a healthy lifestyle. Take good care of your health this year aswell so you do not suffer from your high workload. Lots of exercise is part of the well-being as well as a varied leisure program. Make September your start month to end a habit and start something good for your health. All you need is to show what you really want – in your actions and words. Don’t be extreme in your methods! Take it slow and steady. Your job – current or new – may bring you into an international areaEnthusiasm will rise to get out of town and you will find an affordable package that will take you across many miles. Interesting times are waiting for you in November for that’s when a late year surge for your services will occur. 

What do you say about this, Taurus? Are you looking forward to a good year? You’re welcome to leave a comment.

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