#warcraft horoscope Pisces: February 20 – March 20

piscesHave clear communication with friends, don’t rely too much on them! Attention: Your plans might work inside out.

New roles, in both WoW- and personal life. New opportunities that will change your life.

You will be the most favored of all signs for romance & commitment this year. When things start happening they will happen fast! Your personal charm, one-to-one connections and opportunities contribute generously to success. Pay attention to who you are with, evaluate people and make sure contracts unfold under clear and honest conditions.

Your guild/group: You will be rewarded and maybe you have had a preview of what is to come until December 2017. Be open, accept advice and feedback which may be new to you. Stretch to meet new standards! If you show a mature attitude, listen what is expected from you and do your best, your mistakes will be minor – as you continue to be looked at seriously. Long before you actually know – optics will count. Others are drawn magically to you as you will be more attractive until end of January. Between March & April your charm is about to get irresistable. From June to August you may have a break – a holiday, an event. You may change your mind on a plan or find progress is not fast enough. This year may be that your face is out in public for the whole world to see – on television or internet.

Gear: You may treat yourself with new transmog gear in March & April and may also want to look on guides about how to refresh your look. You might be experimenting until December. You’re likely to receive a gift. No matter the kind –  you will recognize when it arrives.

Gold: Your will come into contact with someone and gold will take a lot of your time and attention – but don’t forget other responsibilities at home! If you show a mature attitude, do your work and are a team player you will impress. You probably can afford to buy something you’ve had always wanted. But you will need to find another way during June-September to make gold. End of September will likely be a glorious time for your gold making as you may receive a prize or valuable gift – gold outside of quests or Pvp, probably in a lump sum – or in two or three. 2017 will be more favourable.

Love: This month you could get involved into an event with lots of people where things could go unexpected/unusual. An older topic becomes important. If you’re attached a commitment/marriage takes place in March – September, sooner than planned and a new chapter will open up. You know about the seriousness but will be ready for it as you will be strengthened and helped to fulfill promises. Perhaps you already changed that in the second half of 2015. Attached couples may now agree to get a new project started.

If you are single or you are in love and have not yet made plans you will do so this year. In March you probably see a lot of woman/man who are types to bond with. If you don’t have a romantic partner you may get involved and become member of a dating website which will help you to get to know someone. Make your choice at the beginning of September if you have not already done so last year. This year you may find someone who will be worth it.

Personal: You will become tougher so that you can handle any challenge. 2016 will showcase your talents in a new way. March will be an important month to you because you then start to go into a new direction. Once you walk on the new path, life will start to look very different. Your family/friends/partner will be joining your development. Adjust quickly to rapidly changing circumstances! You won’t have any problems with that as you are flexible and adaptable.

In September there may be a conflict. Your maturity, gaining respect and a potential commitment to a partner will be proved. In the middle of September will be an ending or full blooming of a situation or relationship. At the end of the year you will be very busy. A new life is quickly shaping and will take place before you know it. You will look and be different, many options will show in your life. Something very personal will happen and could have to do with your career. A close relationship will have to do with it and that person will be positive for you. You will be sailing full speed ahead into the future, quite happy to leave your past behind. Maybe scary but you will feel fully alive this year.

Isn’t that great, Pisces?! What do you think? Are you fine with your horoscope?

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