#warcraft horoscope Aquarius: January 21 – February 19

AquariusYour hard work will finally pay off this year.
You’ve worked hard to prove your talents and focussed on your career and reputation a lot. Now you have the possibilities to have a far more balanced life.

You may have received a an offer from somewhere in the game. If not yet it will appear this year until May. You are ready to take on more responsibilities and have a position with greater influence – such as master looter, raid organiser or guild lead. Keep up with changes/information that those people and you need to know. Your hardwork will lead to something big this year with 2017 and the reward even bigger.

If you are promoted it may be that you have difficulties making new friends or closer connections – give this time You may befriend people older than you and will gain from their advice and experience. If you apply for a new guild or group until September make sure the details are correct then you may be quickly settled.

From September your horizons may widen and your goals will be supported. You may start another character or change role, server or even another game. Your health will improve and you will see areas you have never seen before. If you have been thinking about mastering some class or make older achievements you can’t do on your own you will get help to do so.

Your guild/group:  It’s important to fit into a group which you have common long-term goals and interests. Be active and look for it or you’ll receive unpleasant tasks. You might feel people are standing in your way. Try not to mix group activities with gold this can be deadly.

Gold: Until September you might earn a lot of money and see your gold income increase – maybe from auction house, valueable gifts but gold through third parties. It’s gold that would not come to you with quests and dungeons or battles – a large sum in the first half of the year. In the middle of this year you should be realistic and more careful about what you can afford because this year you could also suffer from a significant loss. Think a lot before making decision about how to spend your gold.

Leader: You may be called on to help a friend or guild/group mate in crisis or even a whole community who needs your attention. Your friend needs your support for a quite long time. No matter your role she/he might won’t have anyone else to rely on. Through this experience you will grow and be a big part of your enlightment. Don’t worry – you will be familiar and comfortable with all you need to do.

Love: Enhancement of your romantic tendencies for beginning new relationships in February and March and December and January 2017. The best thing to do is not to have illusions and take things as they come. Between March to August you’re favoured romantically concerning old commitments or passionate relationships. Something unpredictable might happen during that time. Older issues need clarifying.

If you’re solo it may apply to your romantic life that the person you will date may be older but it seems not to matter to you.

If you’re already attached you may receive exciting news from your partner or with someone you’re aligned with in the gold making. Things may progress more harmoniously with better understanding.

Personal: If you have ever dreamed of something – do it now! Show your work to as many people as possible – one person might believe in you and help you. If you find that someone it would be the best year possible! September is marked as a magical distant trip or a connection to a person abroad.

Pick your goals precisely and fight to reach them.

You have so much to look forward to this year, Aquarius!

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