#warcraft horoscope Capricorn: december 22 – january 20

capricornYou will be showered with opportunities !

You’ve been through many challenges but handled them very well. In the past 5 years you suddenly may have changed your main character, transferred to another realm or played WoW for the first time. If you still want to change something about it this may cause problems in summer. Move more slowly and wait until end of September because then you reach your goals.

Until October 2017 you will be showered with opportunities. You need to do your part and work hard but you will succeed.

Your main character: Your time of the year starts in April and ends in September. Then go back to fix or improve actions, projects, relationships – but don’t begin new ones. You will make exciting experiences. Update your chosen role or professions – in a field where rules and methods change rapidly. You might feel you wish to know more, improve, specialize and spread information. Beware and stay away from dishonest mentors/sites. Don’t make big decisions at the first three weeks of September. Things are moving forward from October this year. You then have the energy and drive.

Gear: Between March to May and August to September you might want to get your transmog gear together because you may be more innovative during that time.

Your guild/group: The downside side this year may be a disease or making a sacrifice. It could bring loss in your guild/group or some trouble with a friend. Keep good track of your health. This year holds for you good graces of your laeder, enthusiasm and strength to climb higher. You dare to try ambitious ideas and projects. You will be successfull.

Leader: From end of September to November it’s more likely you make others sit up and take notice of all you have to say. This will be the time of the year to launch your most vital relationships and projects.

Gold: During the first 9 months you are successful in activities that require some intellect, deal with ideas or theories. In October it’s most likely to make professional and social accomplishments. This year brings to you more gold just because you’re working more on it. It can also be frustrating at times but it will be worth it.

Love: When you’re solo you have the chance in summer to locate and bond with someone. It’s unlikely they’ll trigger intense passions so probably nothing too serious. Just be you and put yourself in social situations, you will find that admirers will come to you. You probably will be tought that it is not necessary to try too hard to find “the one”. April to June could be a pretty special time for you. If you don’t want to find love your love life won’t see any spectacular evolutions. At the end of the year you will be more interested in going out.

When you’re attached you will have an opportunity to bond more closely with your partner. But you might have issues with communicating and misunderstandings especially towards May and June. But there will also be romantic terms in June and July. October stirs erotic instincts.

Personal: Travel may be quite exciting. Until September, you may have an inspiring journey or have contacts to a person living in a foreign country. You’re likely to be open you up to new cultures forming an exciting experience.

Be on high alert because there’s risk of accidents especially in March-May and August-September.

There are things to look forward to, Capricorn – have a great new year 2016!

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