#warcraft: Sylvanas & Anduin as new leaders?

With the invasion of the burning legion some might ask themselves: Who of the leaders are going to survive and who will be leader after the invasion? 

Buffed.de (a german MMO news website) wanted to know who players want to be leader of the alliance and the horde. I want to share this with you as I think only german players have heard about it.

The choice was between Andui, Muradin, Varian, Genn, Moira, Velen, Mekkadrill and Falstad on the alliance side – and Baine, Gallywix, Lor’themar, Sylvanas, Saurfang, Thrall and Vol’jin on horde side.

  • 27% Anduin Wrynn
  •  3% Falstad Wildhammer
  •  9% Genn Greymane
  •  4% Mekkadrill
  •  5% Moira Thaurissan
  • 17% Muradin Bronzebart
  •  5% Prophet Velen
  • 16% Varian Wrynn


  • 52% Sylvanas Windrunner
  • 16% Thrall
  •  3% Saurfang
  • 10% Vol’jin
  •  3% Gallywix
  •  3% Lor’themar Teron


On horde side the choice was clear – Sylvanas is the favourite with more than half of all votes (52%). Horde is hoping for more action from Sylvanas and players think it’d be time for a female leader.

Anduin made it to the favourite on the alliance side with 26% off all votes. Players see a noteable successor in him and appreciate his prudence and ability for diplomacy. Some seem to be afraid of him being to weak to lead the alliance.

Buffed.de said some players responded they want the Lich King or Gamon to be horde leaders – Harrison Jones or Jaina on alliance side. Jaina because alliance players are hoping she will be ready to give the horde a mighty swift kick in the butt.

Post image edited by Serendia.

Who would be your favourite leader in or after legion? Tell me in the comments.


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