#warcraft: movie merchandise – collector cards

No big movie without merchandise! That’s also case with WarCraft. Yesterday the “Topps Company” announced that they have acquired the licence to manufacture and distribute trading cards for the movie. The movie is set to come out in May 2016. Release day of the cards is May 11, 2016.

No, you can’t play games with it. However, these are not just a couple of 100 cards with pictures. 24 cards per box, 7 cards per pack. There are various types of collection cards as they say on their website:

base cards: consists of 100 cards hightlighting the key moments from the movie. There’s alliance, horde, mage light blue and forge gold.

  1. character cards: 18 cards of the most important characters.
  2. races and creature cards: 9 cards with the main different species from the movie
  3. group and clan cards: 9 cards with the biggest alliances
  4. weapon cards: 9 cards with the most deadly weapons
  5. one-on-one combat cards: 9 of the best fights from the movie
  6. battle cards: 9 cards with the most important battles in the war of Azeroth
  7. magic cards: 9 cardsshowing different ways magic is applied
  8. character concept art cards: 9 cards showcasing the breathtaking character concept pictures of the movie
  9. scene concept art cards: 9 cards that show artwork to certain scenes
  10. autograph cards: signatures and pictures from the actors and crew. Autographed printing plates will be randomly inserted into the product.
  11. relic cards: pieces of props, costumes and scenery are shown and utilize these cards
  12. manufactured relics: most important characters of the horde, alliance wand the mages with parallels
  13. autograph relict cards: autographed cards and relic cards combined in one



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