#warcraft: wow-head contest

I just stumbled across the contest on wow-head.com. It started earlier today and all you need is an account on wow-head and the ability to find at least one answer/page amongst their database to get one of the 10 tips right. If you can find all 10 answers you enter the contest 10 times and have a higher chance to win. If you only know one answer you enter once etc. So you better find all of the pages to their hints 😉

The contest begins today december 18th, 2015 and ends january 4th, 2016 at 11:59PM PDT. You may use google and other pages than wow-head to find the answers. Just visit the right pages (answers) and you’re done. If you find the right answer you will see a popup:


That’s all you need to take part in the contest. Have fun 🙂 And don’t forget to ask guild mates.

Like or comment on this if you like it, didn’t know about the contest or have questions.

Here are the 10 clues out of the contest. Head over and try!

I’m taking part aswell – finger’s crossed!

Here are the ten clues for the ten presents:

  1. An homage to Bad Robot Productions, this lil rascal may have been quite demanding to craft but he made up for it by being very adorable.
  2. If you like conga lines and you aren’t too bothered by the fact that it’s not a toy, this item might be right up your alley. Plus it’s always cool when items long since datamined finally show up on the servers unannounced.
  3. Rogues have a lot of good fortune coming their way in Legion. From finally getting to live out their fantasies as Outlaws to this unique off-hand, there’s really no reason for them to dread the expansion.
  4. With Dalaran coming back in Legion, it makes sense Blizzard finally made an toy to help players shine their shoes–we wouldn’t want poor Sheddle Glossgleam to get overwhelmed!
  5. If you’re good at swimming and don’t particularly fear sharks, this majestic mount might be right up your alley to go farm. Unfortunately he drops from a rare. The good news? It’s a promised drop, even if everyone’s still camping him despite how long he’s been in the game for.
  6. Don’t worry, we won’t spoil Star Wars for you–instead we’ll just remind you about this blue two-handed light sabreexists for fans of the force who are Alliance warriors.
  7. In addition to being one of the most powerful legendaries in Hearthstone, this archmage appears in World of Warcraft as a magnificent statue built in his image in Dalaran.
  8. Do you miss BlizzCon? Well, maybe you’ll get lucky and this mission will show up for you in your Garrison. It’s not quite as cool as hanging out with your guildmates IRL, but at least you can be a hero.
  9. If you don’t find hunting rare pets a total boar, this guy might be up your alley. Added in 5.1, he’s nice for any hunter looking for a ghostly pet.
  10. It’s too bad this fish is out of season right now in Azeroth. You’ll have to wait until March to taste it again–or to earn The Oceanographer if you haven’t caught it before!

source: wow-head.com


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