#warcraft: arcane mage artifact weapon

Aluneth, Greatstaff of the Magna will be the artifact weapon for mages.

Aluneth was most notably wielded for a time by Aegwynn. She is said to have found the staff roughly a century after she took up the mantle of Guardian, and to have wielded Aluneth in many battles against the Burning Legion. Several years before relinquishing her title, she retired the staff, but none know where she might have stored it.


artifact traits:alu

  • 1. Torrential Barrage: Increases the damage dealt by your arcane barrage by x%.
  • 2. Arcane Rebound: Your arcane barrage can now bounce up to 5 times. If it successfully bounces 5 times, it will explode in a supernova, dealing massive damage.
  • 3. Blasting Rod: Increases the damage dealt by your arcane blast by x%.
  • 4. Aegwynn’s Wrath: Increases the chance for arcane spells to critically strike by x%.
  • 5. Might of the Guardians: Increases arcane damage dealt by x%.
  • 6. Arcane Purification: Increase the damage dealt by your arcane explosion by x%.
  • 7. Crackling Energy: Increases the radius of Arcane Explosion by x yards.
  • 8. Aewynn’s Fury: Increases the damage dealt by your arcane milliles by x%.
  • 9. Archmage’s Alacrity: Arcane missiles now fires x additional missiles.
  • 10. Etheral Sensitivity: Increases your chance to trigger arcane missilies by m1%.
  • 11. Aegwynn’s Imperative: Increases the duration of you arcane power by x seconds.
  • 12. Everywhere At Once: Reduces the cooldown of you blink by x seconds.
  • 13. Archmage’s Fortitude: Reduces your damage taken by x%.
  • 14. Amethyst Awakening: Increases your mana pool by x%.
  • 15. Echoes of Aegwynn: Your arcane spells have a chance to summon an image of Aegwynn to assist you.
  • 16. Aegwynn’s Ascendance: Your evocation makes you invulnerable and causes you to deal massive damage based on the mana your evocation restores.
  • 17. Power of Aegwynn: When you reach 4 arcane charges you are infused with the power of Aegwynn.


488847Here are the weapon models for arcane – from left to right:

  1. Aluneth
  2. Guardian Spire
  3. Magna Unleashed
  4. Aegwynn’s Fall
  5. Eternal Magus







All of them will be seen in Legion in different colors aswell. Click on the picture and if it’s not set go to “Appearances” and click on the squares to see the different models and colors.




edited: March 4

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