#warcraft: feast of Winter Veil is here!

Every year it’s coming around for us to enjoy. It’s that time of year christmas isn’t far and the feast of winter veil is here. We get ingame presents, get to play around with snowballs and makes you want to sit in your capital city until january 2 2016.

Now it’s time to get decoration for your garrison from Izzy Hollyfizzle. Such as importet trees, old box of decorationskilldozer controller (toy) – see all.

Get yourself a new mountminion of Grumpus! To get it you need to buy savage gifts from her. This mount is massive! Also there is a 1:20 chance to get the pet which can be found in snowdrifts around Grumpus. Same might be the case to get the red wooden sled.

Don’t forget to look in your capital for stolen presents unders the christmas tree. This years presents: Scroll of storytelling (toy), fuzzy green cushion (toy) and as every year: winter veil daggermechanical greenchclockwork rocket bot, footballs and various patterns.

Enjoy and remember: don’t eat yellow snow. 😉


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