#hearthstone: dec. 11 – 500 wins

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 15.42.33.

I’ve finally made it today: 500 wins on my mage!

I was trying new decks most of the time and was the reason why it was taking so long for me to achieve this. I also got another Al’Akir so I was able to get more dust and crafted  Antonidas – which I always wanted to have for my deck.


Dec. 10 – League of Explorers: clear 



In the morning I was up to finish off with the adventure. I got through clearing the fourth part of the adventure and got Elise.

I was having some fun afterwards:

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-11-15 14.25.44

96 attack power (!) but unfortunately the priest was able to do dmg and I lost the game. But hey I’ve rarely seen those numbers before.

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