Legion’s new dungeons

A collection on information is made to give you an overview of the dungeons that awaits us in Legion:


Black Rook Hold in Val’sharah: 4 bosses

Darkheart Thicket in Val’Sharah (at the base of the World Tree) : 4 bosses

Eye of Azshara in Azuna: 5 bosses

Halls of Valor in Stormheim: 5 bosses

Maw of Souls in Stormheim

Neltharion’s Lair in Highmountain: 4 bosses

The Arcway in Suramar: 5 bosses

Vault of the Wardens: 5 bosses

Violet Hold in Dalaran: 3 bosses

coming soon: raids

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8 thoughts on “Legion’s new dungeons

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