#warcraft: fire mage artifact weapon

Felo’melorn will be the artifact for fire mages in Legion.
feloFelo’melorn means Flamestrike and is an ancient Highborneruneblade once wielded by Dath’Remar Sunstrider. It was last seen when Arthas engaged Kael in a duel.

felomelorne1artifact traits:

  • 1: By Fire Be Purged: Your Fireball dispels x beneficial magic effect.
  • 2: Scorched Earth: When you cast four consecutive scorches, you gain Pyroblast!, making your next Pyroblast spell instant cast, free and deal (300% of spell power)% additional damage.
  • 3: Blast Furnace: Inferno Blast now applies crucible of flames, dealing additional damage over 9 seconds.
  • 4: Pyretic Incarnation: Every consecutive critical strike increases your critical strike damage by 15%.
  • Highblade’s Will: You periodically accumulate flame orbs. Casting Pyroblast with an active flame orb will trigger a phoenix bolt.
  • 6. Fire at Will: Reduces the cast time of your fireball by x.x seconds.
  • 7. Reignition Overdrive: Your inferno blast spreads damage over time effects to an additional x targets.
  • 8. Pyroclasmic Paranoia: Pyroblast deals an additional x% damage.
  • 9. Burning Gaze: Increases fire damage dealt by x%.
  • 10.Aftershocks: When you cast flamestrike you will trigger x additional times.
  • 11. Great Balls of Fire: Your fireball deals x% more damage.
  • 12. Everburning Consumption: Increases the damage of your ignite by x%.
  • 13. Cauterizing Blink: When you blink you heal x over x seconds.
  • 14. Molten Skin: Increases the damage reduction of you molten armor by (m1 /-1)%.

Here are the weapon models for fire, from left to right:

  1. Felo’melorn
  2. Pride of the Sunstriders
  3. Phonenix’s Rebirth
  4. Lavaborn Edge
  5. Timebender’s Bladegamescom-2015-world-of-warcraft-legion-panel-transcript-38

    All of them will be seen in Legion in different colors aswell. Click on the picture and if it’s not set go to “Appearances” and click on the squares to see the different models and colors.


complete list of weapon traits 

source: imgur – fire mage weapon

updated: march 4

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