#warcraft: november 27 – second paladin lvl 100




My second paladin achieved level 100 today. He was my first paladin but after I changed to Eredar with Serendia my other paladin was 100 first – Aurêlius was the second Paladin.

I played as holy to get into dungeons quicker, then leveled one or two levels with my partner and then got the elixir from him 🙂 With that I looted a lot of treasures in spires and then nagrand. I ended up with level 99 1/2.

After hitting level 100 I got to the bank to get the account bound stuff from jungle and made use of it. I did my quests to get into the jungle and I went to see Kazzak. I only healed or 7 k but I got the necklace which was warforged and I was then ready to get straight into hellfire lfr 😀 I only got another necklace which I didn’t need but I still need to do Archimonde and the first part.



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