#warcraft: my favourite artifact weapons

Looking at the new artifact weapons I want to share my favourite weapons and my opinion on why I think they’d fit the class and spec. Not all of them seem to be known yet but let’s work with those we know about.

Let’s start with caster weapons:

Affliction warlock


artifact weapon – nr. 3

I found nr.3 to be fitting the most. Nr. 1 is ok, nr. 2 looks more like a dk weapon to me (if it would be a sword) and nr. 4 is ok but I’m not sure about the back (grey stuff) and skulls. Purple would look cool. Just my color preferance for dots.

Destruction warlock


artifact weapon – nr. 4 

I like nr. 4 the most because it’s not too much. It’s got wings and runes and it just has to be green because of legion! On nr. 3 I don’t like the chain, on nr.2 wings is a plus but I don’t like the form. Nr. 1 is ok but nr. 5 is just a bit too much.

 Arcane mage 


artifact weapon – nr. 1

Ok so this is a tough choice. I’m glad I probably won’t be playing arcane. I like nr. 1. It’s simple and it has do be purple for me – but I don’t like the golden details. I like nr. 2 and 4 aswell – but it’s the golden color I don’t like.

Discipline Priest


artifact weapon – nr. 4

Out of these staffs I like nr. 4 the most. It does fit holy more in my opinion but it just looks priest-like and I couldn’t really decide on the green/purple one (more evil) or this golden one.

Holy Priest 


artifact weapon – nr. 2

I like most of them. They all remind me of A’dal. For holy I always think of light and therefore a bright yellow. The one coming close to what I think of is staff nr. 2. But I like them all and nr. 5 is a bit laser-like and modern *g*

Restoration Druid


artifact weapon – nr. 4

The base“-staff is nr. 1 and it looks like it. Nr. 2 looks better but I don’t like the “flying thing” – same as nr. 3. Also the colored parts look like ice to me and not suitable for a druid. No 4 just seem to look right. It’s got horns and there’s a green staff which to me would look good on restauration druids. Nr. 5 is ok with wings but I don’t like the part next to the colored areas on the front (gold/brown).

Mistweaver Monk


artifact weapon – nr. 4

My favourite is nr. 4. It’s Chi-Ji I recognize very well on the staff and therefore for me the best one suitable for mistweavers. Close after this nr. 1 is my favourite because of the buff-symbol “Legacy of the Emperor” which is included in the staff.

Beastmaster Hunter 


artifact weapon – nr. 2

First one looks simple and ok, I don’t like nr . 3 and nr. 5. Nr. 4 would be ok if you’re a tauren (horns) – so I stay with nr. 2. It does look quite simple but out of them I prefer this one most.

Enhancer Shaman


artifact weapon – nr. 2

Sure nr. 1 is just too simple, just a basic weapon. Nr. 2 is looking so much better and is my favourite weapon out of them. I’d go with orange because of the abilities of a shaman. For legion I could imagine running around in a green weapon or even in blue (electricity). Nr. 3 and Nr. 4 for me is a bit too much and nr. 3 has too much of a Sha-look on it. 5 looks more like a staff. It just needs to be a bit longer.

Assassination Rogue


artifact weapon – nr. 4

The first two are okay, nr. 3 looking quite cool but too wide at the front. Nr. 4 is just right. I’d go with either green (poison) or red (blood – melee). Nr. 5 to me looks like part of a spinal column, a part of a back from someone.

Retribution Paladin


artifact weapon – nr. 3

Again nr. 1 is too simple, nr. 2 is a cool model and I like the colors but not for paladins. Nr. 3 just seems right. I’d like it with the color shown for my paladin. The blue/yellow one would be nice aswell. Nr. 4 is too wide and not for my taste. Nr. 5 looks nice but I wouldn’t use it on my paladin that way.

Unholy Deathknight


artifact weapon – nr. 5

I don’t like the form of nr. 2 and 3 at all. The simple nr. 1 is more my kind of thing and I can imagine a green or white nr. 4 or a nr. 5 turquoise/bright blue artifact weapon very well on an unholy dk.

Now tell me about yourself in the comments! Which class are you playing and are you looking forward getting your artifact weapon in legion? Which one is it and will you be changing class just because of the looks of the weapon?


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