november 17: back from holiday #Frostmourne #WoW #Hearthstone #cosplay #Warcraft

As promised: I’m back and I had a wonderful time.

I have promised you to let you know about the super secret project I was working on a few weeks and I couldn’t post it because it was a suprise for my bf who is also reading my blog. But now he held the “project” in his hands I can tell you. 🙂

fmfertischI never made any kind of cosplay-parts – no weapon or armor was ever made by me – until now. My first project I attempted was Frostmourne. Not easy at all especially for the first thing to build ever. I did as good as I could and I’m really satisfied with the finished product. It’s about 1,40m in length (44 inch/4ft 59). Here is a photo of the weapon with a nice background and a few effects. If you want to know more about the making process (list of material and colors etc + photos) please leave a comment.


naxxherBack in Hearthstone I finally had time today to finish Naxxramas on heroic so I got my green cardback.

I’m just working on Blackrock heroic now.

Also I’m testing a few new mage decks wondering how far I’ll climb up the ladder.


Yesterday evening I logged into WoW and got my mage into a great pug. I did Archimonde heroic only and killed him first try – so I finally got another upgrade on my ring. 🙂

tfNot forgetting about WoW’s 11th birthday I stared at my screen getting this years post. My dk and paladin both got Thunderfury but seeing my mage with the weapon is wow – probably because it’s my main and mages never get to wear this weapon.

A shame it can’t stay in the collection as a toy because it has charges.

murlocThe murloc transformation is also something I enjoy. Can you imagine how it’d be to play a murloc?


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