#warcraft: october 16: green fire

metricAfter a few hours of raiding the past days I’ve been busy logging on and off with my alts and my paladin got the 1000 mission achievement. 

hexerTogether with my bf both of our warlocks were looking for rares on the isle of thunder so I would eventually get my green fire.

I never really wanted green fire so I’ve never tried. For legion this is a bit different 😉 On our realm we weren’t succesfull as many other warlocks must have had the same idea – so I decided to do what I’ve never done before: realm hopping.

tomeAfter a few minutes I was glad I found the item to start the questline. So I collected the items needed and went to the temple in shadowmoonvalley. In the last step I’ve met Kanrethad Ebonlocke and learnt The Codex of Xerrath aka the green fire.

My hunter also got the Naval Siege Specialist-achievement so did my warrior.



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