october 13 – hearthstone & loot, loot and more loot :D


In Hearthstone I was playing against a mage. He had no cards left nor did it do any damage to me – only to minions. Look at that: 1 vs 30 health 😀



On Serendia I got two more achievements and I’m <Captain Serendia> now 😀



She also helped doing a platinum Botani invasion. None of  the loot is worth mentioning.

apexisWhile playing on my priest alt Chromoxid and doing a daily in the jungle I looted an upgrade for some of my alt’s gear.

I decided to look for a premade group to get my priest into hellfire citadel for the
first time. He was lucky and got a trinket from the first boss. At Kormrok he also got the achievement.kormrokkilrogg At Kilrogg he got the follower Ariok because my group was  able to do the achievement.

girdleEventually my paladin Ashantar went hellfire citadel for the first time and got the random drop.

For bigger size of pictures just click on them!

There was even more happening last night. If you are curious why not follow me on Twitter.


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