about me

Who is Serendia?

My real name is Sabrina, I’m 34 years old and I live in Germany. I like having fun in WoW & Hearthstone. I love music, being creative, long nights & sleeping in, riddles, photography, cats , friends & family.

There isn’t much to say about work as I haven’t been working for some time now. I’ve completed two vocational trainings and have worked for a few years. I was diagnosted with Hashimoto’s Disease  about 15 years ago which has triggered the antibodies in my system to attack my thyroid. This additionally has caused mental illnesses, depression. Supplemental hormones is what I need to take every day until well… the end. I am not able to work a usual job and have to live below poverty line.

The upside to all this is I have time to learn a lot of things. While working with graphic programs I want to improve my skills. I get to do what I enjoy most and be creative, think about other things and at times of commissions I even have a daily routine.

KfFyq8WIt’s 10 years since I’ve started playing WoW and it’s been 4 years I made a website to help other players designing their forum signatures or wallpapers. I made those for free back then and posted them on my first site serendia.de (sf= old logo) which went offline last year as I decided to actually write content about my experiences in the games, especially WoW so I made this site.

I would love to see a few people watching my WoW-characters grow and my creative work improve.

twitter.com: @SerendiaFrost






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