september 30 – grand master of all

So while Hearthstone is being updated I will lose no time taking the chance to fill the site with another post.
Tried Wildstar yesterday and well 1 1/2 hours for the Pve-realms was to long for me to wait as I just wanted to have a quick look inside the game. I chose the available Pvp realm and can’t say anything really as I only did like 4 quests before heading over to WoW for 2 timewalking dungeons on my warrior – but it looks fun and I will definately play it again. At the moment Eu realms are offline – sad 😦 for they only went online as free to play yesterday.
So I had a few achiements on my alts (posted on twitter) and levelled an alliance draenai shaman I haven’t played for ages. greaMy bloodelf hunter Nanima finally got skinning and leatherworking to 700 which gave me the achievement.

Yesterday some of my alts still needed the weekly Kazzak loot. I was lucky this time. I got the warforged necklace on my dk Yeluna. My hunter Nanima got the trinket.

twbMy warrior Sere got “the swirling vial“-quest yesterday so it gave me an extra 500 badges. Now she’s finally got a new weapon and a non-accountbound helmet.

Apart from ingame stuff I’m working on something in real life I am going to share with you in the middle of november 😉 I can’t say anything about it yet because it’s going to be a present for my bf ❤ and I know he’s amongst my readers 😉


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