september 20 – warrior alt going lfr/legendary questchain

As my warrior made it to level 100 I equipped her with some account bound-tokens from the jungle and made the first quests in dungeons. My bf wanted to support me so I queued with him ❤

After finishing in Nagrand I completed chapter 1


and doing the necessary heroic dungeons I queued for blackrock foundry lfr
blackand got the weapon off Blackhand

waffe which was a lot better than mine.

Then I was flying through parts of Draenor to find some more followers as I wasn’t able to sent some off to do missions.

I got my first rare follower tommok

shipand my first epic transport.

Brewfest started yesterday and I ended up with 99 coins. What I want from it this year is this guy. I tried to get the trinket from Coren but I haven’t seen it drop so far.


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