september 16 – more achievements & finally some heroic loot

I first logged into Hearthstone this afternoon which is unusual for me because on a wednesday I usually log on WoW to loot things from my garrisons, loot Kazzak etc. But as I wanted to make some improvements on my video-settings for my stream I did that. Still a few things to test and improve. I need some new main memory and a new HDD SSD.


In WoW I got some more achievmissionements
today as I logged through my alts. Treasure Mission Specialist and
Mission Specialist on my priest.

Savagely epic and 500 missions on my



daggerNew lockout, new loot – there must be a way to finally get some more heroic loot. My mage has slayed 18 bosses so far and only got bracers off a quest-chest and shoulders from Archimonde. So I found a group on my mage and apart from masterloot no problems. First boss dropped a cloak which I didn’t get. Second boss nothing. Kromrok dropped a dagger which I needed but he mage who got the cloak also got the dagger.

After complaining I did get it and immediatly swapped it for my old weapon. 🙂 I bonus rolled and got my heroic helmet *so happy*


On we went for council. No weapon or anything interesting there. So everything was made right. My group wasn’t able to do Kormrogg so it stopped here.

After looking for raid on my warlock I saw something nice I thought I’d screenshotWoWScrnShot_091715_005547 *click for full size*

After 3 hours and doing 3 parts of lfr I’m still in queue for Archimonde… and then left the queue – it became to late.


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